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Walking Through Brambles:
a narrative of circumspection


all of life's perfections...

...distilled to its finest hour... now.

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Quantum Bubbles Rising

My next book describes consciousness as the matter within a bubble and follows this consciousness as it rises from the bottom of the sea to it's release into the atmosphere. I think of the bubble as a womb, like the earth as a womb for all of us. The bubble holds us, nurtures and teaches us, carries us into maturity until we rise to the top and are born into the universe.


I am the cold grey of a turning sea
the stillness of a warm bay--
a balmy sedation
subtle as glass.

I am the room between thoughts
the distance between words
the infinite rests of an unfinished song
the echo of a mayfly's whisper.

I am the first breath of sleep
the next tick of an unwound clock
the last seductive secret;
I am the ubiquitous space between.

Walking Through Brambles
a narrative of circumspection

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